AMABO wins the Rising Star Award for environment!

AMABO brings Africa and Europe closer because AMABO is more than just roofing tiles. It is a commitment to learn from each other as we stand together in a diversified team of men, women, Africans and Europeans while showing how globalization can work in a positive way through relationships and emotion. We share the same visions and values to care about environment and to care about premium quality in the production of roofing material. 🇨🇲 🇪🇺 🇦🇹

We as AMABO TEAM enjoy an intercultural journey of colorful stories which can’t be counted in monetary terms but also enjoy an essence of fulfilment in something totally new.

In our diversity we have found strength, understanding and a common purpose for the success of AMABO .That is why most of our current workers are those with whom we started digging the foundation, clearing the roads, pulling out dirt and assisting in the building of this magnificent edifice which has not only empowered the youths but also changed the landscape of this community.🏗️

In conclusion, we have a winning team that now got selected in Europe as “Rising Star for environment” in Africa. AMABO OBAMA “yes we can”!🤩

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