The AMABO Vision

Amabo/Obama “Yes, we can!”

We support young people giving a good vision. We are thankful to all who help us pro bono. Whoever buys our product, supports local and circular economy, helps to clean the environment!

  • AMABO supports local, circular economy
  • The product is 100 percent made in Cameroon
  • AMABO helps to minimize CO2 because you avoid transport of alu sheets from China
  • AMABO protects the environment because WE collect garbage and recycle it locally.
  • AMABO believes in sustainable, frugal economy and we produce an eco- friendly recycling product.

AMABO takes action against climate change. With AMABO roofs you save energy for air conditioning because the roof tiles insulate against heat and humidity and you save money.

Production process

In our factory we mix 70 percent sand with 30 percent garbage plastic. Our factory in the Southwest employs more than 20 young men. The polymere- sand- composition melts and gets pressed. One roof tile is very solid and weighs app. 4.5 kg. For 1 m2 you will need 5.5 roof tiles.


AMABO roof tiles help you to avoid headache. Your roof will be safe for generations because you protect this way your most precious investment of life, your house or villa. Amabo roof tiles block mould and humidity. This is the perfect solution. On top you will not hear the noise of rain drops anymore… you will sleep well under an insulated roof. You will enjoy a new quality of life.