Take ACTION for a clean and beautiful Cameroon

We need you as a plastic collector in Cameroon 

We clean the streets and make the cities a better place. Plastic damages your health because many people just burn the plastic and this pollutes the air with black fumes. If plastic is put in the dumpsite it will stay there for 100 years. 

We have the solution. We collect plastic and recycle it. However, we can not clean alone. 
We need YOUR SUPPORT to collect plastic.

  • Are you interested to join us a plastic collector and initiate a “clean street day” in your neighborhood?
  • Do you know a business that wants to get rid of plastic garbage, like car bumpers, plastic bags or  flower pots? 
  • Do you have a hotel and do you care about environment?

We can start collection. We can collect your shampoo or detergent bottles.